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She spent her childhood and youth in the gym, where she has dedicated 15 years to gymnastics. After leaving the big sport for 10 years, he was looking for a pleasant occupation for the soul and body. Sasha successfully entered the world of Pole Dance.

Pole Dance was launched in April 2014. He is currently working as a coach in the studio "FEEL GOOD: poledance & workout".

In the summer of 2015, she started doing Pole Dance Exotic, which soon became her Pole Dance favorite. In order to be able to teach this style of Pole Dance, she has completed professional training courses at several top Russian Pole Dance Exotic representatives.

Sasha developed a specialized Pole Dance program "Exotic for Beginners".

In November 2015, he won first place in the “Pole Star-2015” competition held in St. Petersburg in the “Exotic Show - PRO” category.

Sasha and European Best Pole Dancer-2015 by Pole Dance Awards

In October 2016, the first place was won by the Baltic festival “Pole emotion -2016”, in the category “Show-emotion: profesional”

In April 2016, the first place was won by “Pole Art Estonia. Baltic Cup-2016 ”in the“ Semi-professional ”category.

In May 2016, he won first place in the Pole Theater UK 2016 competition in the Pole Classique, Semi-professional category.

During 2015, he received a coach certificate Pole Dance (PRO-level) and attended various master classes:

VERTICAL DANCE: Marina Bogomolova (Kira Noire) (RUSSIA)

Pole Dance - CHOREOGRAPHY: Evgeny Greshilov (RUSSIA)

Pole Dance - DROPS, SLIDES & ACROBATICS: Evgeny Greshilov (RUSSIA)

Pole Dance - Intermediate / Advanced levels: Galina Musina (RUSSIA)

Pole Dance - Tricks and transitions: Kristina Dumanskaya (RUSSIA)

Pole Dance - COMBO & SPIN FUN: Yvonne Makeup (Netherlands)

Pole Dance - TANGO WITH POLE: Mitja Staev (RUSSIA)

Pole-choreography class: Slava Ruza (Sweden)

Exotic floorwork and tricks / semi - pro 1, 2: Olga Koda (Ольга Кода) (Russia)

Exotic Flow and floorwork: Татьяна Маршева (Russia)

Tricks, spins & transitions: Olga Trifonova (Ольга Трифонова) (Russia)

Pole Dance tricks and Stretching: Pink Puma (Polina Volchek) (Russia)

Pole Dance sport: Konstantin Kosovec (Lithuania)

Pole Dance Exotic: Darya Chebotova (Russia)

Marina Kostrova (Марина Кострова) (Russia)

POLE THEATER UK, МК с Chrystal Gibson

“Tricks and transitions” (London, Great Britain) - POLE THEATER UK, МК с Алексом Щукиным (Alex Shchukin) “Pole Choreography” (London, Great Britain)

Pole Dance Flexibility, Pole Dance Power: ūlлия Бозина (Russia)

Pole Dance Tricks & Spins: Vladimir Karachunov #Volch (Russia)

Pole Dance Fit, Exotic Pole Dance (Flow & Trick): Nina Kozub (Russia)

  • professional Pole Dance Exotic lessons with world champions and leading lecturers of the studio “TRASH” (St. Petersburg, Russia) Julia Irina and Irina Storchilo