Did you know that if you take one dance hit, you can create more than one choreography, but several?

Apply different emotions, different dance techniques, different tricks - mix all this and get just an explosive original dance bomb?

And what would happen if you will take two different teachers and give them one task: using the same music to come up with different styles of choreography?

Let's check it out together!😁

We decided to take Tik Tok hits and invited 4 famous exotic dancers to the dance battle:

📍Alexey Siselyatin @sarcastic_life VS. Alina Karjakina @alaina_pd

📍Polina Litvinenoko @polisha_li_ VS. Julia Bathory @julia_batory

Our teachers will create 4 different choreographies in 4 different styles using just 2 dance compositions. And of course, they will teach you their dance style in our online camp!

Start - 3 of April

End - 24th of April

SPECIAL PRICE - 49.99 euro

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