FIRST STEP: ENTRY level group


- adult group

- children's group

Under the guidance of our certified teachers you will dive into the magical world of POLE DANCE!

- Learn to perform basic tricks and twists on a static and rotating pole

- Learn to combine them

- You will begin to work on stretching and flexibility of your body

- You will get acquainted with the drop techniques and entry level cascades

- In a couple of months your body will start to have beautiful relief and you will become more self-confident


STEP 2: ITERMEDDIATE level group


Classes for those who already have experience in Pole Dance (minimum 3 months):

- adult group

Under the guidance of our certified teachers you will learn:

- To work with power elements and tricks on pole

- Combine trick (power) elements and dance elements in dance combos

- You will learn the technique of drops and cascades of intermediate and advance level.

- You will be able to make full pole dance performance yourself or with the help of a teacher-choreographer.

- You will be able to participate in various Pole Dance competitions and in the Studio's concerts

Dress code for classes:

- athletic shorts

- top / t-shirt

- socks / barefoot

In addition to the lessons of "Pole Dance" we recommend to attend:

- MEGA - STRETCHING (special stretching program)

- POLE SPORT (special physical training program)

- DANCE on POLE (choreography with pole)