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PD First Steps, PD Kids, Pd Exotic Basic, Pole Sport, Acrobatics, Aerial Silks.

Experience from 2017

Alina's career begins at the age of 4. He spent his childhood and youth in sports gymnastics. She spent 10 years in the gym. After the injury, he realized that he needed to continue playing sports and wanted to try something new for himself. And so she decided to dedicate herself to the world of Pole Dance.


«FEEL GOOD: pole dance & workout» Alina came as a student in April 2017. And after two years of active training, he became a studio coach.


Alina has participated and still participates in many international competitions.


Obtained the first chickens:

In Belarus, Minsk «Pole Crown» 2019, in the category Exotic Amature.

Latvia, Riga «Pole Emotion 2019» in category Exotic Semi -pro.

Russia, Moscow «Pole Theater Moscow» 2019 in category Art Semi-pro.


In 2020, he received a certificate from the Acrostyles School (Russia) for participation in online marafon acrobatics.


Also participated in other valuable Pole Dance events. Such as: Royal Dance Camp 2019 (Latvia / Jurmala), Royal Dance Camp 2020 Winter edition (Latvia / Jurmala).


And also attended many masterclasses for professional development: MK Eva Bembo, MK Darja Che, MK Nastya Vyadro, MK Vasilyi Kozar, MK Kaya Blum, MK Vera Karma, MK Liza Sergeeva, MK Marina Matuhnova, MK Aleksei Siselyatin, MK Ilya Medvedev, MK Jana Kremneva et al

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