This is an effective training program, created exclusively in our Studio. It is based on special exercises for all muscle groups, ligaments and tendons. Attending stretching classes in our studio you develop flexibility, a balance and the ability to move easily and gracefully. Thanks to a special integrated approach, the muscles return their natural length and healthy tonus even after serious physical exertion.

Dreamed of splits and bridges? Want to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility? Then this is a training program especially for you! No great pain will have to be overcome. Your weight will always be enough to gradually achieve a result. This type of stretching is the safest and at the same time most efficient.

If you are not attending other classes at our studio, then we recommend MEGA-STRETCHING as an effective and relaxing tool to reduce muscle tension caused by stress and sedentary lifestyle.

It is recommended to attend classes 2-3 times a week. And then in a couple of months you will begin to feel more flexible, plastic, stretching will bring more pleasure than fatigue. In approximately within six months, the body lines will begin to change.

Dress code:

- leggings

- top / t-shirt

- socks / leggings / knee pads