Dance groups for children from 6 years

Modern dance "Contemporary" is a dance technique which was born in the 1950s and is the most popular dance trend these days. In modern dance, they were looking for freedom of body movement, from which came the combination of various dance techniques and a variety of choreographies. The modern dance style is very wide. It includes classical (ballet) and acrobatic (gymnastics) elements, as well as various dance techniques: improvisation, contact improvisation, elements from yoga, pilates, etc. Thanks to the dance classes in our studio, the child will develop a sense of rhythm, musical hearing, plasticity, coordination and trains all the muscular groups of the body, the correct posture appears. Classes will help the child to reveal himself, learn to express emotions in motion, work in a team and find new friends. 

Dress code for classes:

- shorts / leggings

- top / t-shirt

- socks

- knee pads