This direction contains various dances, gymnastic and acrobatic elements and refers to such a sports section as aerial gymnastics. Aerial acrobatics are not necessarily intended for public performance or performance of complex numbers. Training "Air acrobatics" (silk, hoop, rope) can also serve simply to improve health and improve physical form. In the process of training you will strengthen all the muscles of the body. Especially, stabilizing muscles will develop (which are responsible for supporting the body, maintaining balance). Your body will become more plastic and flexible, the body more toned, the posture will be correct, and the movements will be graceful.

Aerial acrobatics is an effective and beautiful form of fitness. If you want to keep yourself in excellent physical shape, ready to make an effort, then this training is just for you.

Dress code:

- gymnastics jumpsuit or gymnastic swimsuit and leggings

- socks / barefoot

IMPORTANT! Keep your hair in a bun or ponytail and remove all jewelry (rings, earrings, chains, etc.)

In addition to the classes "Air acrobatics" we recommend to attend:

- MEGA - STRETCHING (special stretching program)

- POLE SPORT (special physical training program)